For developers, we provide services of developing concepts of:

– interiors of apartments and public areas
– architectural concept of the whole project
– site design (or master planning)

What is our approach?

We are well aware that the main task of a developer is to create a successful project that will stand out on the market and, most importantly, will sell well. It is not easy to do this, as the real estate market is saturated and the consumers tend to choose very carefully. Many factors have to be taken into account for that. As a rule, developers are guided by such criteria as functionality, aesthetics, compliance with the formal requirements of the target audience, the name of the architect, the reputation of the place, etc.

There is already a tendency that a buyer should be offered not just plain square meters, but a “lifestyle”, “space for living,” etc. However, as a rule, such statements remain only at the level of external communications.

We believe that the concept and ideology of any real estate project is the very first thing, and developers should start their work from these two things. A concept is not only about aesthetics and functionality, but, first of all, about the values and behavioral patterns of the people for whom the building is created. When we put the values of our target audience, their deep needs, into the conceptual basis, then aesthetics and functionality will naturally follow from the ideological foundation.

Концепция объекта недвижимости

Our approach can be labeled as ‘human-centered’: it starts with the individual and his values. At this deeper level, it is possible to create a solid foundation with a large margin of longevity. When developing concepts for public spaces, houses, and interiors, one should keep in mind that if they are based on a strong concept, these buildings will not lose their relevance as quickly as constantly changing trends in architecture and design.

With this approach, it is possible to create completely different planning and functional solutions for interiors and public spaces. They will reflect not only the style or status but will be combined harmoniously with the lifestyle of the people working or living in the building. It will not just be a “public space,” but an environment for a specific community that shares common values and lifestyles.

A well-balanced concept guarantees the actual value of the project to the end consumer. An extraordinary development concept for areas and buildings can be a powerful sales tool for a developer. It adds value to the facility, a distinctive competitive advantage, and more accurate targeting of customers.

The concept forms the basis for the communication strategy and allows you to build the right pretext for the target audience based on meanings and values.

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