Japanese landscape design artists have traditionally been considered some of the strongest experts in the world due to their special vision of nature. The Japanese have an acute sense of beauty and it is partially expressed in a concept called “mono no aware”, meaning “the ephemeral nature of all things“. In Japan, the beauty of nature is closely related to spiritual expression. 

For instance, the art of ikebana is regarded as a kind of spiritual discipline where an individual tries to comprehend the abyss of nature through the simplicity and purity of the lines of an individual flower.

For the Japanese, nature is an absolutely perfect thing. In contrast to the laconic forms of Japanese architecture and minimalist interiors, nature in Japanese landscape design appears in all its magnificence and diversity. The traditional Japanese garden shows us all the forces of nature and all changing seasons and colors. Also, according to Japanese beliefs, gardens are home to ancestral spirits and gods that protect people from troubles and adversity. That is why the Japanese people believe that their gardens deserve the utmost care and attention.

Landscape design requires an expert who has a deep sense of aesthetic beauty and knows current trends, and also have practical skills in botany and horticulture, architecture and engineering design: the primary task of the landscape designer is to create a style and beauty combined with the ease of using the building infrastructure, a harmonious union of natural and architectural forms.

Ландшафтный дизайн
Ландшафтный японский дизайн

There are many imitations of Japanese style gardens, but in order to make a real Japanese landscape design with compliance with all the canons, it is necessary to employ the Japanese bureaus and prepare for difficult and meticulous work. It is an expensive treat for true connoisseurs of such style.

True Japanese landscape design requires multilevel and multidimensional space – this garden displays several levels, several perspectives and perfectly calculated views from every angle. The variety of design helps to defocus attention and immerse in a contemplative and meditative state.

It is interesting to note that if the creation of a Japanese garden requires a lot of investment, then later care and maintenance is much cheaper than, for example, the maintenance of the English style garden.

KASUGAI Architects+ cooperates with Japanese landscape bureaus, represents their work in Russia and offers its customers the creation of unique landscape projects with the involvement of Japanese artists.

A set of landscape design services includes the following expertise:

– creation of a conceptual design,
– selection of plants and materials to suit the climate and terrain,
– designer’s support at all stages of project implementation.

Our Projects

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