For developers, we offer the development of a concept, as well as the master plan of the territory. In our view, these two stages are very closely linked, because the meaning of the master planning is not only to design the spaces and zones and give them different functions but to design the lifestyle set by the concept within the given area. Who will be in the area, what they will do, how they will feel, what personal or public this space will solve, how it will fit in and affect the surrounding areas – all this must be taken into account in modern construction development. 

First and foremost, Master planning is the creation of an environment. Not just arranging objects on a plot of land, but understanding how this environment will live and function, how people will navigate through the land, what they will see from the windows, how they will interact with each other and with space itself, and many other factors.

Therefore we see a master plan as a comprehensive product that reflects the multifaceted idea of the environment, implemented in specific volumes. Architects and also marketing specialists, and often experts from other disciplines – sociologists, anthropologists, urbanists – work on this kind of product.

When developing a master plan, we think about the project as a whole set of items: architecture, utilities, materials, including long-term values and demands, trends that should be taken into account. After all, with the arrival of new technologies, the concept of a modern city is changing dramatically, and familiar urban planning standards are rapidly becoming outdated. Therefore, it is necessary to consider how our building will fit into the city of the future and create a master plan based not on how we used to live, but on how we will live, bearing in mind both current and emerging trends. 

Knowledge of leading marketing strategies and trends in real estate and urban science, as well as an ongoing exchange of experience with Japanese experts, allow us to create competitive solutions for the development of comprehensive projects.

Мастер-план коттеджного поселка

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Reconstruction of the Main Manor House

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