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We decided to divide our expertise into four main categories: 

– architecture

– interior design 

– landscape design

– solutions for developers.

However, we want to note that this is only a formal division. In fact, we solve quite a lot of associated and non-trivial tasks at the intersection of different disciplines during our work process.

Every project is unique, so it is quite difficult to put our services in a rigid framework. Many years of experience showed that people who turn to us have a special approach to space and an uncommon lifestyle. So the tasks they set for us go beyond mere development of architectural concepts or interior design.

To get a better understanding of it, please take a look at our projects. In our projects, we had to think about how to harmoniously combine Japanese and Islamic cultures within one private residence in the Moscow suburbs, how to apply the principles of Japanese landscape design for a house located in the Altai region, how to locate a forest and a park in a skyscraper or a spa underground and many other similarly uncommon things. Our customers told us their dreams and we did our best to fulfill them by carrying out these projects.

Every project is the only one of its kind, not only because every client is an outstanding individual, but also because our clients think about space in broader and deeper categories. They are not afraid to dream and go beyond the conventional or trendy, they want to create a space that is consonant with them, that reflects and complements their worldview and values. 

In short, if you need an unusual solution for any project – a private residence, a public building, a museum, a park, etc – we will be glad to discuss your project and offer an option that will suit you not only from the architectural perspective but also at the level of values and concepts. 


Минимализм загородный дом

Private Minimalist Residence at Moscow Suburbs

Кинозал в стиле хайтек

Wright Park Villa Interiors

Хай-тек в архитектуре

Bungalow on the Black Sea Coast

дизайн эко минимализм

Underground Spa in Sochi

Эко архитектура

Private Residence in Shepelyovo

Энгава японский минимализм

Combining Two Houses into One Dwelling