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Collaboration with Japanese Architects

Kasugai Architects+

The Japanese have a special approach to beauty. The beauty of every object or phenomenon has many sides or facets. For example, the Japanese sword has four sides of beauty, and the integral perception of this art object is achieved only when all sides are considered in their unity.

The main task of KASUGAI Architects+ is adapting the ideas of Japanese designers in Russia and promoting Japanese architectural trends.

Традиционный японский сад



Минимализм загородный дом

Private Minimalist Residence at Moscow Suburbs

Кинозал в стиле хайтек

Wright Park Villa Interiors

Хай-тек в архитектуре

Bungalow on the Black Sea Coast

дизайн эко минимализм

Underground Spa in Sochi

Эко архитектура

Private Residence in Shepelyovo

Энгава японский минимализм

Combining Two Houses into One Dwelling