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Japanese Garden at the Mitsui Osaka Premier

Located in Nakanoshima, Osaka’s business district, the garden in Mitsui Osaka Premier hotel was created as a part of the concept to influence all five senses of the hotel’s exquisite clientele. STGK landscape bureau, a studio of Gen Kumagai, from Kanagawa designed the hotel gardens so that they could be seen from the offices and hotel rooms on high floors. 

Sketches of  STGK studio

Мастер-план отеля
Проектирование японского сада
Ландшафтный сад

The gardens resonate with the hotel’s main theme that can be described as ‘a Japanese sophistication’. The traditional Japanese cuisine has a feature called ‘kaishiki’ – seasonal flowers and plants decorate the food, depending on the time of the year. STGK created a ‘kaishiki garden’ concept, that emphasizes a characteristic Japanese sensitivity and the devotion to a landscape. Cherry trees of various species have been carefully selected for this project to visualize wind and water motions. Fineness and delicacy of nature’s transformations express a special form of hospitality.

Городской японский ландшафт

Nakanoshima district, including the project space, is in the constant renewal process. Cherry trees and the idea of seasonal sensation embodied by them were the major elements of this project.

Японский ландшафтный сад
Японский ландшафтный сад
Дизайн сада в японском стиле

The angle-shaped ground of the garden is located in the office district, so there wasn’t much space in the first place. It was necessary to create a garden combining two features: a small park that enriches the daily life of citizens and a garden that will turn a stay in the hotel into a unique experience. The traditional Japanese patterns are used in all the small details of the projects and spread around the garden. In some places, squares make an alley, in other places squares appear on screens. The garden has to have its internal unity but be able to offer a variety of views depending on a  spectator’s location.

Оформление сада в японском стиле
Металл в интерьере
Сад в японском стиле онсэн

The project also includes the design of a complicated lighting system that adds some delicate magic during the night.

Оформление японского ландшафтного сада

This project effectively demonstrated the role of a garden in a city. Gardens in office districts of big cities positively affect the mood and performance of people, allowing them to distract from the enclosed office spaces and enjoy the living nature. Also, having a garden as a part of amenities has a significant impact on improving customer service and is a good marketing idea.

Kasugai Architects+  has rich experience of cooperation with Japanese landscape studios and can offer unique landscape design projects for business centers, modern offices, private residences, commercial property, etc. We promote the work of Japanese designers in the Russian Federation and will gladly help you to create an exclusive garden, complying with the principles of the Japanese aesthetics and adapted to the natural and climatic conditions of the particular area.

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