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Articles on Japanese Architecture

Традиционная архитектура Японии

Asuka-Nara Architecture

The spread of Buddhism in Japan promoted the construction of big monasteries – a creation of big architectural forms, previously unknown in the Land of Rising Sun.

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Традиционная деревянная архитектура Японии

Japanese Ancient Architecture

Unfortunately, little is known about ancient Japanese architecture as almost no monuments older than the 6th century remained. Only extant clay statues of buildings can give us an idea about the forms and features of early architecture.

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Городской японский ландшафт

Japanese Garden at the Mitsui Osaka Premier

Mitsui Garden at Osaka Premier is a unique project of STGK landscape company, which includes the latest trends in this industry. Japanese emotionality and the care for the landscape are major principles of this project. Sophisticated cherry trees and magnificent horsetails are the main inhabitants of the garden.

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Современная японская архитектура

A Sprawling Village. A New Old Story

Adapting a design project to the existing landscape is a distinctive feature of the Japanese approach to architecture. Complicated multi-level buildings completely follow the ups and downs of the slope.

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Современная японская архитектура

Timber Frame Houses in Japan

The climatic zoning of the northern islands, frequent natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes have promoted the construction of frame houses, as they are the most resistant to these natural phenomena. Houses built using traditional construction technology characterized by their wooden frame and roofs covered with kawara tiles.

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Солнечные батареи на кровле

Fujisawa Smart Town

Fujisawa Town is a model project of a sustainable and comfortable town.It is kind of a testing ground for new technology, services, and social initiatives that help to support sustainable development. Thanks to technological, economic, and social innovations, living in Fujisawa Town is much better and more fun than in other modern cities.

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Пентхаус в стиле минимализм

Japanese Design is an Object of Material Culture

The subtle details of Japanese culture create an easy and relaxing atmosphere in space planning, interior design, and peace of mind of its residents. This rare relationship results from the pursuit of excellence and communion with the outside world.

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Традиционный японский дом

Cocoon House in Shiojiri, Nagano

A harmonious combination of simplicity and comfort was the main challenge for architects and designers in developing this project. Natural finishing materials and an inherent lightness in the space interiors make the house not only a cozy place for living but also a visual delight.

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Японский сад фото ландшафтный дизайн

Kazuyuki Ishihara, the Genius of the Japanese Landscape Design

Flowers and plants during their flowering period bring life and energy to the exterior and interior of living space. They are a source of joy, or, sometimes, carry an encrypted message. Flower compositions in landscape design, combined with other elements of Japanese style, create a special atmosphere, and allow people to enjoy the precious moments of life.

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